three minutes: a lengthening, mandy, a river called titas, putney swope
diamonds of the night, to die for, big hero 6, control, tange sazen and the pot worth a million ryo
all the beauty and the bloodshed; variety; underground; don't worry, he won't get far on foot; nighthawks
hunt for the wilderpeople, over the edge, happy days, hard target, hotel by the river, i don't know, eo
the structure of crystal, easy rider, easy rider, tár
pitfall, a minute ago, oedipus rex, alcarràs, kamome diner, the promised land
mannequin, introduction, woman in the dunes, the truman show
tokyo godfathers, remember the night, le pupille, a bunch of amateurs, glass onion, top hat, barry lyndon, mission: impossible – ghost protocol, stella…
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roland barfs film diary