boiling point, the piano, memoria
pressure point, rat film, the pirate
the matrix resurrections, good will hunting, saint jack, scarface, licorice pizza, starred up
(+ last few days of 2021): the player, magnolia, titane
my best friend's wedding, something's gotta give, die hard, the devil wears prada, most of john wick 3, west side story — christmas week
another woman, the neon bible, lamb, eyes wide shut, the matrix reloaded, the muppet christmas carol
enron: the smartest guys in the room, faces, the devil's advocate, 'r xmas, klaus, single all the way
drive my car, zeros and ones, bad luck banging or loony porn, a woman under the influence, phantom thread
chimes at midnight, house of games, the card counter, vanya on 42nd street, the firm
spencer, the french connection, harry and tonto, throne of blood, babylon
seven samurai, romance & cigarettes, le week-en
messiah of evil, body snatchers, scream, the innocents, passing, frankenstein